Why so few DS in such a large country, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia ? If
not in a maharajah's collection, we should be able to find a couple more wrecks
abandoned during a transcontinental rallye...
Everyone looks on with amazement when his 1971 DS21 Pallas is out
on the streets of Hyderabad, in the State of Andhra Pradesh, central
India. But Janardhana just smiles and says "no one here can
understand the real value of this car". At least he knows: for he put his
heart into it, and restored it entirely by himself, close to its original
The full, amazing story and the photos are
A photo of a pre-1967 DS taken in Goa, on the Malabar Coast, and
sent by a reader to the auto magazine "Business Standard Motoring".
The car was last reported by Karl to be lying there, abandoned, in
March 2007.
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One of the three DS21 engaged in the 1968 London-Sydney marathon,
pictured here at its arrival in India.
More info and links on this first and
greatest of all transcontinental rallies
Ravi, in New Delhi, keeps fond memories of the numerous DS he once
maintained or owned, thanks to his late father's passion for this car.
opens his photo album for us
In April 1967, Greg Lehey, 18 years old, and his father, left Kuala
Lumpur at the wheel of a Citroen ID19 for a trip which was to take
them eventually to England. He kept a diary, and also took a few
pictures while crossing the sub-continent East to West.
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Karl had taken pictures of a DS in his hometown of Pune in 2001, just
before it was purchased by Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff. He kept
wondering if the car still belonged to this world. In March 2007
Janardhana traced it back, in his own city ! That makes a second DS in
India, and again in Hyderabad.
Last August 2008, Karl Bohte, a proven DS hunter in India, stumbled
upon this "forlorn" DS in Mumbai. It is said to belong to Jameel, the
founder and probably only member of the Mumbai Citroen Club...
tells the story  
A DS makes a guest start appearance in "Aditya 369", a 1991 telugu
"historical / science-fiction" movie by Singeetam Srinivasa, most
notably in a high-flying car chase scene.
Screenshots, link to the
video and more