The DS was never officially imported in Iran, but a few made their way into the
country, along with some SMs too.
Manuel Boileau, a young Frenchman driving his ambulance DS around
the world, was stuck with a hydraulic problem on the roadside in
Esfahan. Five chaps came one after the other and proposed to help,
with no result. A sixth one said his brother had the same car in his
backyard and could maybe help...
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A red 1973 DS23, next to a 1974 CX2000, shown during the "Iran 2014
Classica" show. Their owner is a classic Citroen collector.
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page of the French Classic Cars Club site (Persian and English):
An interesting two-shade grey DS belonging to an "old man", found
by chance on the road by Amicale Citroen Internationale (ACI) Iran
Delegate Houtan Arefi, who is also the President of the French Classic
Cars Club,
see here (Persian and English):
This 1974 DS23 can be seen here on the Tehran Racing Circuit, with
on board Houtan Arefi and the car's owner, Alireza Afsahi. They
wanted to test by themselves the car's famous stability on corners at
high speed. The test result was positive, of course.
Ali Jafari's 1974 DS23, shown here during a classic car exhibition.