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Not one, but two DS in "8 Man - For all lonely
nights", a 1992 live action sequel of the famous
"8 Man" cyborg superhero manga series of the
'60s, which is said to have later inspired
"Robocop". The film was released in 1992.
This is the first of two DS, belonging to Police
Inspector Tanaka (Etsushi Takahashi).
Although 80% of the action takes place at
night, and under the rain to top it all, making
identification difficult, this appears to be a
late-year, left-hand drive hydraulic gearbox

In this first scene, Tanaka takes the corpse
of Detective Yokota (Toshihide Wakamatsu),
killed in duty, to Dr Tani (Jo Shishido), who
will transfer his brain into a cyborg: Private
Investigator Azuma (Kai Shishido).
As it happens, cyborg Azuma also gets to drive
a DS. It can be seen here, parked at the Police
Azuma drives with his friend, Detective Sawaki
(Daisuke Shima) next to him. His DS is a   
right-hand drive type.
Night again, Azuma quietly drives on a desert
highway when he is stopped by the sudden
appearance of his cyborg brother Ken (Osamu
Ohtomo), the other super-powered creature of
Dr. Tani, but who has turned into a homicidal
In another scene, Azuma and his girlfriend
Sachiko (Sachiko Ayashi) arrive just when his
boss Inspector Tanaka is killed by gangster
Yamafuji (Tadao Nakamaru).    
A few gunshots later, Azuma delivers Sachiko
(who was held at gun-point by the gangsters),
and enjoys a well-deserved hug. Rain again.
Another night-driving scene (yawn).
After a final battle with the forces of evil,
Azuma drives toward his future, presumably
the next sequel, shot in 1993 and logically
enough called "8 Man After".
Not a great movie by today's standards, but it is rare to see so many Citroens featuring so
prominently in a Japanese movie: models other than the DS can be spotted indeed, including
a highly improbable Police "Type H" van ! Director Yasuhiro Horiuchi must have had a
special relation with the brand, I've got to find our more about it one day.
For now, you can watch the selection of scenes with the two DS on my Youtube channel,

More about the movie itself on the imdb online database: