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Oda-san, a Citroen dealer in Nagoya, saw
the first and only cabriolet DS brought to
Japan by its importer in 1968, and kept
thinking of having his own ever since. In the
'90s he finally decided to import one from
It did not look in a very good condition on
the photos, and that's why he bought it. He
restored it from A to Z, from chassis to
engine, upholstery and trim, as close as
possible to the original condition. The
Jaeger dashboard is original, but the
antenna on the hood has been added. The
original colour was AC619 (Bleu Royal).
Oda-san sold this car a few years ago, but
he can still drive it as often as he wants.
Now that's a good deal !
Thanks to David
Smith, a fellow
DS hunter in
Nagoya, for the
great photos
(under the rain),
the evening at
the jazz bar, and
the moral and
Some more DS cabriolets recently imported to Japan: above, this white 1969 DS21,
in a stunningly beautiful condition, is said to have been imported from Canada. It
was featured in the January 2000 issue of "Car Magazine", along with an interview
of its then-owner, Mr Harada (below). It is reportedly now back in France.
You can
download the full article by clicking on the pdf icon on the right (Japanese):
Above: this cabriolet, spotted on the website of "Javel" (a classic Citroen shop in Tokyo),
shows unusual openings on the bonnet.  
Above: this dark green DS21 Pallas,
recently imported from Italy, is now
registered in Gifu prefecture (photos
courtesy of Hideki Honda).

Left: This cabriolet, spotted on the website
of "Carol", another French classic car
dealer near Tokyo, is probably not a real one.
Oda-san fell in love at first sight when he
stumbled upon the burgundy convertible DS,
the first and last to be imported by official
agent Nichifutsu Jidosha, at the Tokyo Motor
Show in January 1969. But he could not
afford it then, and when he later tried to buy
it back from its owner, it was too late. In the
'70s he went to Paris, saw 2 or 3 of them,
but eventually decided it was too costly and
too risky to bring one back to Japan.

In the early '90s, better late than never,
he decided at last to buy this 1968 model,
which was advertised for sale in a