You do not get to meet so often in your life
a Japanese gentleman who introduces
himself, in perfect French, with the words
"I am an SMist, and my son is a DSist".
Well, this is exactly what happened to me.
The Komo family spent five years in France
in the '70s and has been addicted to Citroen
ever since.
Hiroshi, the father, owns one of the only 30
or so Citroen SM in the country, and he is
also the President of Japan's SM site.
(Japanese, partially English and French):
Top: in front of the Yoshida
shinto sanctuary, in Kyoto

Right: the original French
stickers are still on the
windshield !
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Akira, the son, speaks good French too, so
when he decided he'd buy a DS, the car of
his dreams, back in 2002, he simply
returned to France and purchased a car he
had selected on the Net. It took him no
more than 3 months between buying the
car and being able to drive it on the roads
of Kobe, where he lives now.

The car, a black 1970 DS21 with a
red interior, was already in very good
condition, having been taken care of by a
careful amateur in Clermont-Ferrand to
whom the family continued to buy other
cars thereafter. And Akira, an engineer by
profession, is permanently maintaining his
car to a top condition.
Right: Akira Komo and his beautiful fiancee
The photo below comes from Akira's site, a
huge collection of information about the DS,
maintenance operations, pictures, reports of
events, cars for sale, blogs etc.
Link to his site (Japanese):
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