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The manual gives basic knowledge to the
new owner of a DS21 (hydraulic or manual)
or an ID19:

- Breaking the engine in
- Before you start / Starting the engine
- Brakes
- Dashboard (DS / ID) / interior
- Car height adjustment
- Tyre change / pressure
- How to start with a crank
- Oil, greasing (with the plan, see below)
- Cold weather
- Types of LHS allowed

But there are also several pages about
"how to drive a H" (meaning, how to get
the most of the hydraulic gear system), and
"know the tricks to drive a DS", for example
how to keep on accelerating in curves, in
order to make the best use of the front
wheel drive...
This second version, below, was edited around 1970 by Seibu Jidosha, who took over as
Citroen's Japan importer in 1969. The contents is almost the same, if only for updates
linked to the evolution of the technology: the LHM is mentioned, the dashboard is of the
3rd generation (introduced in September, 1969). A few more photos have been added.
Finally, the specifications chart at the end also includes the DSuper, the Ami 8 and the
Citroen importers in Japan prepared Japanese-language DS / ID owners' manuals for
their customers. This one can be dated to 1966 (before the introduction of LHM), and
was edited by Nichifutsu Jidosha; hereafter a few pages (full pdf on demand).
Left: two cute little
drawings, found
on Nichifutsu's
1966 DS / ID
owner's manual.