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A surprising and brief appearance of
a DS in a 1963 French heist movie,
"Riffi in Tokyo". The plot borrows
from the "rififi" series the theme of a
spectacular robbery, the target being
this time a single huge diamond
stored in a vault of the Bank of
Tokyo. For this film, shot in the
Japanese capital, Director Jacques
Deray assembled a bunch of popular
actors: Charles Vanel as the old
mastermind, Karl Boehm, Barbara
Lass and local star actress Keiko

The DS appears in a single scene,
when big boss Van Hekkin (Vanel)
picks one of his acolytes up at
Tokyo's Haneda airport. There are
beautiful shots of Tokyo's streets
and cars in this film, but I wonder
how a DS could have been chosen
for this scene. Could it belong to
someone linked with the production,
perhaps Keiko Kishi herself, who
was then married to another French
Director, Yves Ciampi ?
Van Hekkin (Charles Vanel, left) is
about to get into the car. Merigne
(Michel Vitold) is already in the back
seat, while his wife Francoise
(Barbara Lass, standing on the right)
will soon get on board. That's about
all. The car is of course an early
model, with a local number plate,
and the extra mirrors on both front
wings undoubtedly show a car sold
and used in Japan.  
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