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The December
2005 issue of "Car
Magazine" shows
beautiful photos of
two black DS, shot
one rainy evening
in Tokyo. One of
them belongs to
Akito Suzuki, a
Citroen fan who
also started to
count the DS
existing in Japan.
Suzuki-san, nicknamed "French-kun" by
the Citroen community in Japan ("kun"
meaning something like "young man"), at
33 years old, has difficulties to count all the
Citroen cars he already owned so far...
Around twenty he concludes, with some
CX, 2CV, SM, XM (eight of them), BX
break, and three DS.

Today his only DS is this one, imported
from France about seven years ago. A
1967 DS19, it is said to have been used
by the Paris City Hall. He drives it only
occasionally, being kept busy with the web
design company he just started.
Above: two pages from the magazine (click to enlarge), which
features several articles about the DS, at the occasion of the
50th anniversary of its birth. The other DS in the article is
Ishii-san's 1971 DS20,
presented separately  
See also the magazine's cover
At the occasion of this 50th anniversary
jubilee in 2005, together with his friend
Akira Komo
(see          ), he had the idea to
start counting all the DS currently existing in
Japan, via a dedicated web page, where
the owners could send their car's data on a
voluntary and anonymous basis. The total
figure they reached was 66 cars, according
to the latest update, made on August, 2006.
Most of the cars listed are relatively recent imports; and there are only seven pre-1967
models. But "French-kun" warns  that many older owners do not have Internet; his own,
personal estimation is that there must be between 100 and 200 DS today in Japan. If we
consider that maybe 1,000 DS have been sold in Japan originally, and that around 6,000
DS are registered today in France, it is certainly not a bad figure. And the number is
increasing; a few individuals and shops regularly imports some from France or the UK
(with right-hand drive).

Link to Sukuki-san's own site (Japanese):

And to the page with the 66-car list (Japanese)