Top: the full cover page.
It had to be done one day: a DS / Lamborghini Countach comparative test ! The magazine
Tipo (March 2005) did it. Now, which one of these exclusive cars do you think is the winner ?
Left: introduction to the players: one adviser and one
driver for each car.
Top: "Lesson 2: how to look cool when you drive" (=how
to handle the gear change and the wheel)
The Citroen is a DS20 Pallas, year not given, but looking brand new. The Lambo is a rare
LP400. Both cars are detailed in all their aspects, including during a drive.
Tipo is one of the numerous Japanese car magazines, and often features european cars, new
or classic.
And now, the winner is...

Maintenance cost   

In fact this is more an evaluation of
the "affordability" in case of
purchase. Anyway, just how could
any other car beat the DS...  

Talking about affordability, the
article proves that a DS (2 to 3
Mio yen in Japan, around 18,000
Euros) can be enjoyed as much as
a car evaluated at 15 Mio yen
(more than 100,000 Euros).      
DS     Lambo
3        5
4        1
2        4
4        4
3        3
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