Who would expect to find any DS in this small and isolated country, under
communist rule since 1975 ? But there are a few gems...
The DS Prestige of the last King of Laos, Savang Vatthana,
overthrown by the Communists in 1975, is still resting peacefully in the
sealed-off garage of the former royal palace of the old capital of
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This old mechanic in Vientiane seems to be wondering whether he will
one day be able to restore one of his two DS, the only ones he knows
of in the capital he says. I do not know if I should encourage him...
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A prestige again ! And from the Royal family again ! It's starting to look
like a local speciality. Or else, Laos may very well be the country with
the highest number of Prestige per inhabitant in the world ? This one
has been found by Manuel Boileau, a young Frenchman currently
travelling around the world in a DS.
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Manuel found another DS, in a bad condition too, nearby Vientiane.
You can see his own ambulance estate in the background. This is a
1970 DS21, according to the chassis number. The owner, who runs a
garage, was understandably impressed by Manuel's car, and took
many pictures.
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