In Malaysia either, not so many DS, but a few amateurs firmly decided to save the
few remaining ones.
Nigel got this car against the promise to make it run again. Madame
Rust has already eaten up a good share of it, but there is still hope.
After all, when he managed to start the engine, the car rose above the
ground !
Full story and more pictures
Surjit knows of seven DS in the whole country, including two of his own.
He knows all of them quite well. Only natural; he is the one who
maintains them all, in his garage specialized in Citroens, in the Kuala
Lumpur area.
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Yes, a Prestige, one of these rare VIP versions with the separation
between the two rows of seats. This one, used formerly by the
Malaysian government for cabinet ministers, now belongs to a Citroen
enthusiast,  and has been shown recently at a Citroen meeting in Kuala
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The oldest DS in Malaysia is a beautiful 1968 DS21  Pallas. More
Mr Wong has seen the first DS arrive in Malaysia, and he maintained
them. He kept one for him, too, a 1974 DS23 Pallas, almost new.
Wong's story is
A neglected DS21 Pallas spotted in Penang, near the border with
Thailand, last July, 2009.
 More pics
Another Prestige ! In much poorer condition though. Together with a
CX2400 and other classic cars, it belongs to a "royalty" in the region of
Bahau, but his collection is left abandoned.
One more pic
A DS parked in front of the "Hill View Restaurant & Bar", in Fraser's
Hill, on this photo dated 1970. Fraser's Hill is a cool colonial hill resort,
located 100km north of Kuala Lumpur. Spotted and sent by Steve
On this blurred little photo, nothing less than the very first Malaysian
DS. It was sent to me by British Citroen enthusiast Anthony Smee, who
grew up in Malaya where his father Michael was posted between 1950
and 1960. He still remembers Daddy taking the train to Singapore one
fateful morning in 1957, driving back home this "gun-metal grey",
Slough-made ID, originally imported by a "Chinese millionaire" who
had finally decided he did not like it. The Smee family loved it, and
continued to use it later in the UK.                     
A 1967 DS19 advertised for sale on the Net. The car is in Penang, on
the northwest coast of Malaysia, near Thailand; the ad says the car is a
"rear wheel drive". Ha.
This DS, belonging to a classic car shop owner somewhere in
Malaysia, comes from Cyprus, where it seems it got its very unusual  
paint and openings on the bonnet. The owner says he has another one
in store, currently under restoration for a friend.
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