One DS in the city-state. And the only one, according to its owner... But he also
says there used to be more in the past. Where are they now ?
Mr S. in Singapore did not waste time when he saw the ad for a DS in
the "Straits Times", back in June 1999. He knew it was a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He bought the car.
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From the photo album of Maarten, a Dutch DS fan and owner, this DS
spotted in 1993 in Singapore, where his parents still reside. Does the
car still exist ?
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Citroen's history in Singapore is intimately linked to the Chan family,
and most particularly to Lye Choon, the famous racer. He and his
brother Lye Huat inherited the Citroen agency from their father in 1950,
and they became known as the "Citroen brothers" when they started to
win local races at the wheel of Tractions and DS.
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Former second-hand car dealer Henry Ang took over the Citroen
representation in Singapore in 1968. Sales reached their peak in the
early '70s, with the DS and the GS, but he finally had to give up, in
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Following on Lye Choon's path, several drivers engaged a DS or an
ID in local motor events, mostly economy runs,  up to around 1960.
Terry Pearce, teaming up with Eric Bloomfield, was one of them,
aboard his ID19.
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I was told that a worn-out Californian DS had made its way to
Singapore in 2013. The new owner, who confesses a special taste for
the Maserati-powered Citroen SM, kindly let me have a look into his
collection. What I saw exceeded by far what I had imagined...
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