Sri Lanka
The DS had a career in Sri Lanka. One current owner has got two of the three he
knows of. No doubt there are more out there...
The former car of a French ambassador in Colombo, 40,000 km only,
this is one of the only two DS23 Pallas in Sri Lanka. Both belong to
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A DS in "Kommissar X - Drei gelbe Katzen" ("Three yellow cats";
US title "Death is nimble, death is quick"), a French-Italo-Austrian
action movie shot in what was still called Ceylon, in 1966. The car is
destroyed in an explosion in the end. No wonder they are hard to find
in the island now...
More photos and trivia
In June, 2013, I received two nice photos and a a very touching mail
from Priyanka, a "Citroniac" in Sri Lanka, about the ID19 of his
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In May 2015 Ray sent this photo of another local DS, seemingly in
very good condition, in a collection that also includes a 2CV, a
Light Fifteen and "a Citroen of the '20s".