A surprisingly high number of DS in various conditions can be found throughout
Thailand. This may be explained by the relative prosperity of the country since the
50s, compared to its immediate neighbours, and by the presence of classic car
enthusiasts, from both the Thai and foreign expatriate communities.
I can't help but start with what is probably one of the most beautiful DS
examples in Thailand. Even elephants seem to be watching with
admiration... this I know for sure, for the reason that this DS was   
formerly mine. The car now belongs to my friend Pascal in Bangkok,  
who gives it the best possible care.
Full story and more pictures
This 1969 DS21, shown together with other classic cars in Bangkok    
last April, 2006, has the distinction of having been the car of choice by  
no less than former Prime Minister of Thailand, HE Pote Sarasin.
Prior to finding its final resting place in 1976, this 1969 DS21 had
covered... 762,000 km. Its former driver, Khun Manit, whom Pascal
met, still has many fond memories.
Full story and more pictures
A tad dusty of course, but this 1963 ID19, found by chance at a repair
shop, is full of charm. Pre-1967 models are a rarity in Thailand..
other pictures
There are simply too many DS in Thailand to fit in one page; pictures of
several other cars are gathered          
A Super5, dating back to between 1973 and 1975, found by chance
one evening on the way back from Lopburi, in August 2002. It was
spotted in the rain and in the dark by my friend Heiner, who shouted
"DS" and  made our car screech to a grinding halt.
I was told there was a strange object resembling a DS at the horse-
riding center of Khun Vamchart, in the suburbs of Bangkok. Indeed, a  
DS there was, but in what condition... The funny thing is that the wreck
remains there, with nobody seeming to really care about it. Yet, the
famously comfortable seats are still in use...
 More pictures
A vey nice-looking ID19, for sale on a Club site for 420,000 baht (that's
about 11,000 USD), dating from between 1964 and 1967. It was posted
on the forum section of the Classic Car Club of Thailand's site (see
Peter had a DS23 in Germany and missed it so much that he found
another one in Thailand, where he now resides. When I last saw it in   
July, 2006, the engine was under repair in the hands of Martin, the
almighty mechanic from Switzerland.
Many more pictures  
An abandoned DS found in the backyard of a country house    
somewhere in Thailand, and posted by a tourist on his site a few years
ago. Now a nice playground for kids and cats.
More pictures
It seems I am not the only one to bring my DS for repair or
maintenance at Khun Pod's garage on Rama 4 Avenue in Bangkok.
Cinema & TV
"Invisible waves" is the name of a 2006 movie by thai director Pen-ek
Ratanaruang, shot in Hong-Kong, Macau and Thailand, and featuring...
a DS, in the paradisiac set of Phuket island.  The film won applause at
the 2006 Bangkok Film Festival.
More info and links  
There is an active Citroen Club of Thailand, with a few members with a
DS it seems, and they have a website.
Link (Thai):
The Classic Car Club of Thailand started in 2004 a very nice site, with
many information and pictures, including a few DS in the forum section.
Link (English and Thai):
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Fabrice Mattei, a Frenchman living in Bangkok, is a true Citroen   
fanatic, and he has an impressive collection, which currently includes
a Traction Avant, a pair of 2CVs, and a  DS. And no ordinary DS: she
is a beauty contest prize-winner.
Here we have an Italian DS, modified to run on LPG, in Bangkok ?!
Yes... Alvaro missed
la bella so much that he decided to bring her to
Thailand with him, back in 1988. After all these years, and in spite of
countless difficulties, they still live together.
Story and pictures
Another fine example of a Super5, owned by Kees, a Dutch classic car
amateur stationed in Bangkok. This car participated in a local rallye in
 Gorgeous pictures, more details and the link to Kees' site
A DS in Thailand is rare enough; but what about a DS in Thailand    
driven by... a Japanese DS enthusiast ? That's a "DS in Asia" that  
counts double !
Shingo-san, or should I say Khun-Shingo, explains    
the whole thing
A DS21 for sale in the North-Eastern region of Ubonratchathani, last
February, 2007. Not really in pristine condition alas.
Some more   
Many Citroens in Khun Suthin's garage "SP Cars Service", close to the
Rawai beach in the Phuket area, including two DS the day Per Norberg
went there.
Per's photo album is
Could that be a convertible ? In Thailand ? Well, not really. But there
are many sleeping DS waiting for a Charming Prince in this Bangkok
More pictures
A DS restoration project discussed and illustrated in a Thai classic car
site forum.
More pictures and the original link
The body colour may not be original, but Khun Vat's DS was  
nevertheless a prize-winner at a classic car show held in Bangkok last
May, 2008.
More pictures
Noooooo ! How could they ! Beware: some photos of this, er, car, may
hurt sensitive persons.
Now if you really insist, go   
Another page for a few more siamese DS,
"From Bangkok to Malaya by Car" is the title of the report of one of the
very first attempts to drive overland from Thailand to Penang, on the
Malay peninsula, published in the Bangkok Post in April, 1958. The car
was... yes, a DS19. What else.
The story is right  
A nice-looking DS, the day I visited this Bangkok garage, specialized in
classic cars.
Jacques Paris was sent by Citroen to Bangkok in 1957 with a mission:
help introduce and sell the DS in Thailand. Siam Motor Supplies,  
already Citroen's local importer and distributor, did its best. But It has  
not been easy, to say the least.
See the Part 1 of the saga
Always a couple of DS and other weird cars in Khun Prasert's garage
in Bangkok.
More pics
The very same car has been used for another movie, aired on Thai TV
in 2009, and again shot in Phuket, called "Dong Poo Dee" ("Blue blood
territory"). Here again the car features prominently, being driven by the
hero himself.
Screen shots, trivia, and more about the car itself,   
Khun Worasak is not your average Thai Citroenist; he actually even  
owns a SM ! Too bad he does not live in Thailand anymore, I could    
have started a "SM in Asia" site... From California where he now
a few pics of the two DS his family used to own in Thailand,
together with some info about the SM in Thailand while I'm at it,
A DS for sale in Chiang Mai, the major city of Northern Thailand. And in
the background, another Citroen for sale... yes, a Traction.
An amazing document: a convertible DS, used in rallies in Thailand in
1969 ! A former mechanic working for Air France in Bangkok, Khun
Vithaya Chuchat started his own garage specializing in Citroen.
Together with former Air France colleague Dick, he won the race that
day, but the car's engine blew off during another race. The car's
whereabouts are not known.
One more photo
One of Jesada's cars, the ID19, was one of the highlights of an    
exhibition held in Bangkok during the summer of 2010, and called   
"Icons of French Design".
More pictures   
Another early DS was again the only car in a permanent exhibition     
titled "What is Design ?", taking place in 2010 in the TCDC (Thailand
Creative & Design Center) in Bangkok.
More pics and the curator's
A DS under restoration in a garage somewhere in Thailand. More
Nice shots of his DS21 by a Thai amateur, on the roadside, upcountry.
Photos posted on the Bangkok Classic Car website.
See them, and
the link,  
By 1966 it became clear that Siam Motor Supplies did not have the
financial means to develop the Citroen business by itself. Another local
trading company, Bara Windsor, gave it a try; but finally Jacques Paris
took over again, starting new companies for that purpose.
See the     
Part 2 of the saga
Somewhere in the middle of Bangkok, an incredible collection of old  
cars houses no less than nine DS, never restored, sleeping under   
plastic covers and a thick layer of dust. The owner stubbornly refuses
to show them to anyone, but I finally managed to have a glimpse.
this unique collection
The only "Prestige" in Thailand, recently imported in the country by a    
rich amateur, spotted in a Bangkok classic car garage.
In the '60s and '70s, Vithaya Chuchat, a mechanic specialized in  
Citroen, loved to take his family for trips upcountry in his DS "break"
station wagon (estate). His sons Wichaiyot and Wirasat kindly opened
the family album for me. They kept not only the photos, but also...
Surprise, surprise...
See it all        
Four Citroens in a Thai book titled "108 classic cars": a 2CV, a   
Traction, a SM, and a DS, in convertible body.
The full article is
Races & rallies
It had to be done: a DS-only rally in Thailand ! Perhaps even the first of
its kind in Asia, it took place in January 2012 and gathered 12 cars     
and more than 40 participants for a return trip from Bangkok to
Ayutthaya,  the former capital. Not a very long trip, but everyone was
so happy to meet for the first time so many other DS fellows.
The Jesada Technik Museum is not only the sole automotive museum
in Thailand, it is also one of the largest and the most extraordinary     
ones in Asia. Amongst its 650 cars, several Citroens, including no      
less than six DS, two of them already restored.
Pictures, details and
A very popular 1976 Thai gangster film titled in English "The bug man"
features a DS in a few shots, between the usual scenes of fight,
kidnapping and treason.
Screen shots and more details about the
Khun Teema took me for a cool ride in his fully restored, bright yellow
DS21, in the Bangkok neighborhood where he works as an interior
designer. He sure was a happy man. Same here !
See his big smile
and his car
Mr. Leenutaphong, chairman of DAD Yontrakit, the Yontrakit Group
company in charge of importing and selling Citroen in Thailand,
sometimes exposes his fully restored, bright orange DS in his main
show-room on Ramkhanhaeng Road.
In "Thailand's ultimate classic cars", published in 2010, Sayam
Sethaputra shows part of his own collection, including a beautiful
1969 DS21, otherwise presented in this site,           . This gorgeous
coffee-table book's photos show many intricate details of the car's
unique design.
Full article and translation
This green DS, featuring on a commercial for the gas company PTT,
aired on Thai TV in the '90s, led us to an amazing character and his
no less amazing treasure trove.
See it all    
For its 10th edition, on November 2013, the Hua Hin Automobile
Concours counted no less than 5 DS in its 45 participating classic
cars, for a nice drive to, around and from Hua Hin, the "royal" resort
town South-West of Bangkok.
Many photos  
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This "wagon" DS under restoration in Bangkok, already a rare sight,
has something that makes it unique in Thailand, in Asia and maybe
even in the world: a fully automatic Borg-Warner gearbox.
Chang Tee, a former Citroen mechanic, continues to restore some DS,
in his small workshop in a Northern Bangkok suburb, alone, near the
Don Muang airport. DS only, and one at a time.
For the 2nd "DSinAsia" rally, held in January 2015, we decided to go
a little further: the Khao Yai mountain range, 200 km from Bangkok. A
great opportunity to try our old beauties on small, dusty country roads.
The DS was a rally car after all !
Full report
A DSpecial in this 2012 short detective movie, which was shown
online as an advertisement for the Thai cosmetics brand Oriental
Photos and more    
David Smith, my photographer friend from Nagoya, Japan, took
these gorgeous photos of my own DS in Bangkok's streets.
See the
And yet another one,