No less than eight  DS, the car par
of government officials in France
at that time, can be seen in this picture taken
in 1957 in Saigon, where  the Colombo Plan
Conference negotiations were held.

This document was found on the Net but is
also shown in a trimmed format in the book
"Les Citroen du monde" (The Citroens of the
world"), ETAI editions.
This same book shows also this interesting
picture on the left, but without a legend and in
the "China" section. I can't help but think it
was taken at the same time and place as the
picture above: it does not look like China to
me, and the cars, early DS19, are strikingly
similar. Nice picture anyway.
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Two more nice pictures, from books by French DS specialist Fabien Sabatès.
On the left, "one of the first DS arrived in Saigon, in 1957", in "La DS, objet de culte".
On the right, "the first DS in Saigon, Sept. 1957", in "Le Guide DS19".
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