Who and how
Who are we ?
My name is Pierre Jammes, I started (in May 2006) and manage this site with the only aim to
share information about the DS in Asia. I live currently in Thailand, after stays in Japan and
China. I drive a 1972 DS21 in Bangkok on week-ends, and I still keep in France my 1971-built
DSpecial. My e-mail:

I am helped in my task by two other Frenchmen:

- Pascal Butel also lives in Bangkok, where he (would love to) use everyday his 1969 DS21
Pallas. He helps a lot for Thailand and neighbouring countries.

- Jean-Francois Evenou is in Dijon, France, and gives his technical and moral support. He
does not have a DS (but knows he should).
Disclaimer and copyright
We reserve all rights for all text and images on this site. In most cases pictures are
taken by ourselves or sent by friends; if not, we indicate the source to the best of our
knowledge. In any case, if you want to use text or pictures, please let us know your
We have done our best to ensure all documents and pictures from other parties can be
used, and to mention their source. Nevertheless, if you own a picture or a document
that you do not wish to be used, please just let us know, we will remove it from the site.
We can also modify texts or pictures to protect privacy (plate numbers for example), or
add photograph credit or links to the owner of the document, on simple request.
Links specific to each Asian country are given on that country's page. General links on the
Citroen DS can be found very easily on the Net.
Information wanted
We welcome all sort of information regarding the Citroen DS in Asia of course: history, cars
spotted during a trip in Asia, personal stories... But there are a few trails which seem
particularly interesting:
Private collectors. There must be some rich amateurs in Thailand, Hong-Kong or India,
with a huge classic car collection that may include a few DS. The problem is that such
information is seldom openly available. So, rich amateur reading these lines, be more
than rich, be good, and drop a line !
Question: There are many DS in Australia, where it was even briefly assembled (and
sold as "The Parisienne"). Why not talk about them ?
Answer: Well because it is not part of Asia, and as there are many of them, as you
mention, it would be "too easy" (or too much work to be more precise). Same for New
Question: How many DS are there in Asia, even approximately ?
Answer: Even approximately, I do not know. To my knowledge the only country where
they are being counted is Japan, and the result should be between one and two
hundreds. You want a figure anyway ? Go for "a few hundreds".
Question: I have a picture/info/contact about a DS in China/Nepal/Sri Lanka.
Answer: Please send. You will have a place of honour in our hall of fame (if we ever
make one). Thank you in advance anyway.
Many thanks to: Alireza Afsahi, Henry Ang, Shigeaki Aoi, Houtan Arefi, Bertrand Audinet de
Pieuchon, Agha Ahmed Husain, Shawn Bader, Krisman Bahar, Kumar Balasingam, Pascal
Bertrand, Karl Bhote, Didier Blin, Manuel Boileau, Hamdani Budiman, Rex Carkeek, Somchai
Champenprasan, David Chan, Seiji Chaza, André-Marc Chevallier, Frankie Chow, Wichaiyot
and Wirasat Chuchat, Lance Cole, Jean-François David, James D'Cruz, Sébastien Delautre,
Brian Drummond, Ian Foster, Alvaro Frantini, Yves Frelon, Ravi Gopalakrishnan, Kees
Goudswaard, Thitisak Hannoi, Priyanka Hemachandra, Yuko Hirao, Hiroki Hirate, Peter van
den Hoek Ostende, Hideki Honda, Teema Hongladarom, Toby Huynh, Yoshiyuki Ikemori,
Mohsin Ikram, Kojiro Imamura, Erik van Ingen Schenau, Kazuma Ishii, Shingo Ishitaka,
Yasuyuki Ishiwata, Rao Janardhana, Wouter Jansen, Prasop Jirawatnong, Suchon Jittanonta,
Rajendran K., Pravut Kanchanawat, Kanoo Kataoka, Katsuya Kihara, Wong Kiong, Stig Arvid
Knutsson, Akira Komo, Srinivas Krishnan, Carole Kutelmach, Nigel Lee, Greg Lehey, Vat &
Vim Lenbury, Larry Lim, Shane Lim, Worasak Luangsuwan, Keith Martin, Samuel Maruta,
Fabrice Mattei, Praveen Menon, Hideyuki Mizutani, Mitsuru Murai, Jacques Nabart, Fumie
Nagata, Ryosuke Nagaya, Steve Nanda, Hajime Narata, Yuji Oda, Xavier Padova, Jacques
Paris, Piero Perosino, Cholathee Pornrojnangkool, Antoine Potten, Galih Rakasiwi, John
Roach, Guy de la Rupelle, Fabien Sabatès, Wara Sakonkietkhajohn, Olivier de Serres,
Sayam Sethaputra, Michitaka Shibuya, Mark Sim, James Simons, Surjit Singh, Anthony
Smee, David Smith, Eli Solomon, Maarten Stigter, Shimpei Suga, Tomohide Sugiyama,
Pranada Suwondo, Akito Suzuki, Yoichi Takemura, Tran Minh Tam, Ruben Tangido,
Somkanueng Tanworrakul, Daniel Tigor, Jean-Claude Toudy, Luong Nhat Trieu,
Trần Văn Tuấn, Ray Welaratna, Tom Windelinckx, Jansen Wouter, Koji Yamada.
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This site has no commercial purpose whatsoever and is made by enthusiasts for
enthusiasts. Don't ask us to sell or buy your cars, parts etc. Please use the links we
provide and find your own way.
Here you will find some info about who we are, and how we do it: contact,
disclaimer and copyright, links, media, information wanted, FAQ. Now don't ask
why we do it, that's another question, and I am not sure we even know the
Embassy cars. Foreign representations of France and some other countries have
extensively used the DS in the 60s. Where are they now ? Maybe the retired drivers
could tell us ?
Rallies and adventurers. More than a few DS have crossed Asia, in the hands of rally
drivers (ex: London-Sydney in 1968) or private adventurers. Some cars may have
remained; and there must be interesting pictures anyway.
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