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The convertible DS in Japan, in "Citroën DS Coupé
Cabriolet Découvrable", by Olivier de Serres, ed.
E.T.A.I., 2014.

Download (French):
The untold story of the DS in Asia, in "Citroen the
complete story", by Lance Cole , ed. The Crowood
Press Ltd, 2014.

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DSinAsia contributions in written media: books, magazines, club newsletters.
DS in Asia hunter, in "Citroscopie" Nr 25, Sep-Oct

Download (French):
The Tigers Rally: around Asia in a classic Citroen, in
"Citropolis" Nr 87, Jul-Aug 2011.

Download (French):
Toyota's Citroens, in "Citropolis" Nr 86, May-Jun 2011.

Download (French):
Crazy about the DS, in "Citropolis" Nr 76, Sep-Oct

Download (French):
1967: a DS at the 9th Japan Rally !, in "Citropolis"
Nr 70, Sep-Oct 2008.

Download (French):
In the Land of Elephants in a DS, in "Citropolis" Nr 69,
Jul-Aug 2008.

Download (French):
Vietnam's last DS, in "Citropolis" Nr 68, May-Jun 2008.

Download (French):
Bali's last DS, in "Citropolis" Nr 67, Mar-Apr 2008.

Download (French):
Japan's first DS, in "Citropolis" Nr 66, Jan-Feb 2008.

Download (French):
What remains of the DS in Malaysia ?, in "Citropolis"
Nr 65, Nov-Dec 2007.

Download (French):
What remains of the DS in India ?, in "Citropolis"
Nr 63, Jul-Aug 2007.

Download (French):
The Indian DS, in "DS Collection" Nr 25, undated.

Download (French):
DS: a Siamese journey, in "Gavroche" Nr 194, Dec

Download (French):
Club newsletters
First DS rally in Asia, in "Le Pneumatique" Nr 68,
Jul-Aug 2013 (Idéale DS France).

Download (French):
Number plates quizz, in "Le Pneumatique" Nr 35,
Jul-Aug 2010 (Idéale DS France).

Download (French):
DS in Asia, in "The CCCV Newsletter", Mar 2014
(Citroen Car Club of Victoria, Australia).

Download (English):
DS in Thailand, in "Nitroglycerine" Nr 86, Aug 2007
(DS-SM Club Belgium).

Download (Flemish and English):
Citroen in Cambodia, in "Front Drive" Nr 36, Feb-Mar
2013 (Citroen Classic Owners Club of Australia).

Download (English):
A DS in the Alpen Rally (Japan): the story, in "Tipo"
Nr 306, Dec 2014.

Download (Japanese):
DS exports to Asia, in "Citrospecial", a special number
of Citroexpert, Nr 1, 2015.

Download (Dutch):
The man who loved the SM (Singapore), in
"Citroscopie" Nr 44, Nov-Dec 2014.

Download (French):
Citroen DS21, in "C-Max Car", Dec 2015.

Download (Thai):
In 2017 I finally decided to use  some of the material of
this website to make my own book. It is bilingual
(English and French) and published by specialist Dutch
editor Citrovisie: